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Who Makes The Parenting Rules?

With so many experts telling you how to support your children's physical and emotional needs, it's easy for parents and caregivers to question - Who's making the rules -the short answer is you!. In this episode, I discuss the importance of establishing your parenting values. Parenting values are a set of principles and standards that you find important and serve as a guide for how you parent.

Why is identifying your parenting values vital to your family?

Your parenting values influence how you educate yourself about parenting. For example, if healthy communication is something you value, you will familiarize yourself with different communication styles and adopt the technique that works for your family. Identifying your parenting values also act as a guide when planning and making decisions about how you will foster your child's emotional development.

Where do your messages about parenting come from?

What factors influence your parenting values? For many parents and caregivers, we learn how to parent through modeling. We model behaviors passed down by our families, the media, and cultural norms without questioning if they work for us. In episode 3, I share several questions that will help you examine if the expert and unsolicited advice you have received about supporting your child's physical and emotional needs positively or negatively impact your family.

Are the techniques that you've accepted making you feel good? Do they work for your unique family unit? If not, you have the right to do what works best for your situation.

What do you need to feel fulfilled in your role as a parent?

In this episode, I address a common concern that my clients struggle with "working parent guilt.” I encourage you to review what messages you've accepted about what a "good parent" is. What do you need to feel fulfilled in your role as a parent? This will look different for each family. For example, in the case of working parents, I have clients who love their work and feel that working positively impacts their well-being; other families find raising children while working unfulfilling. Get clear on what you value and need and get creative about structuring your family around that.

What are some of your parenting values?


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