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State Of Emergency In Children's Mental Health

Have you ever experienced the benefits of feeling listened to? Maybe it was a grandparent or your high school coach that gave you that feeling, but whoever it was, you know the benefits of feeling like you had a safe space to open up and share what was going on with you.

Now imagine if your childhood experiences were happening in the backdrop of a pandemic and racial injustice. What if you no longer had access to a safe space to share how you were feeling right now.

In this week's episode of the podcast, I shared three ways parents and caregivers can support their children during these times of uncertainty. The show is titled: The State of Emergency of Children's Mental Health. The tips I'm sharing were designed to strengthen your relationship with the children in your life.

Create safe spaces for discussion

Creating a safe place for discussion is more than telling your child that they can come and talk to you. Work with your child to establish a time and place for these conversations. Commit to sticking to the schedule and ensure that this time is uninterrupted.

Participate in active listening

Avoid the urge to problem-solve and focus on fully understanding what's on your child's mind. Ask open-ended questions to gain a deeper understanding. Repeat what they said back to them to exhibit that you are engaged and interested.

Validate your child's emotional response

As adults, we get caught up in our own experiences. When your child expresses concerns or worries, validate their emotions. Remember that emotionally mature adults are raised in environments that honor their experiences.

These three tips are just a few valuable techniques and strategies I share in this week's episode of the podcast. To listen to the full podcast episode, click here and share your takeaways in the comments - and while you're there, subscribe!

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